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The Cure Is a ForestDesi Di Nardo is the author of two books, The Plural of Some Things and The Cure Is a Forest. Her writing has been published in many Canadian and international journals and anthologies, including the Literary Review of Canada, Globe and Mail, National Post, and Descant. Her work has been performed at the National Arts Centre, featured on Toronto's transit system, in VIA Rail's Destinations, and displayed in the Official Residences of Canada. She has worked as a writer-in-residence, literacy facilitator, and English professor.

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Desi actively promotes poetry by hosting readings and workshops in schools, libraries, and other arts and community venues, including art galleries, museums as well as facilities for seniors, psychiatric survivors, children with eating disorders, and pregnant teens and young mothers.

Desi holds a degree from the University of Toronto in English literature. Aside from her passion for writing, she is deeply devoted to the rights and welfare of animals and is a member of PETA and the SPCA. In her leisure she devotes her time to running and painting. Her favourite writers are Gwendolyn MacEwen and Alice Munro.

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